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My name is Anthony Pieper, and I am a pre-service Computer Science teacher. I am in the process of completing the final course in the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program through University of Maryland, University College (UMUC), and this final course involved about 4 months of student teaching at a public high school. The specific location where I am completing my student teaching is Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, located in Baltimore County, Maryland. The specific courses I am teaching are 9th grade Foundations of Computer Science, 10th grade HTML/JavaScript, and 10th grade AP Computer Science Principles. I am also co-teaching 11th grade AP Computer Science A and 11th grade Introduction to Cisco Networking.

Prior to deciding to become a high-school Computer Science teacher, I spent the past 15 years working with Information Technology in various technical support roles. I have multiple IT certifications (including MCSE, CCNP, and CISSP), and I also have a Masters of Science in Information Technology from Capella University. Much of my career has focused on Cisco networking, but I've also spent a great deal of time working with Microsoft products in an enterprise environment. Outside of work, I spend part of my free time experimenting with various programming languages, mostly in an attempt to make games for mobile devices. In addition to a familiarity with several programming languages, I am also proficient with certain web technologies (this website, including all the HTML and CSS, was coded by me).

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On this website, you will find resources that were created by me during my time in the MAT program. The focus of the program was to ensure new teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be effective educators, so there was a constant emphasis on reflecting on how we can improve our teaching. Using the InTASC standards as a benchmark, many of the artifacts I chose to include on this website help illustrate my proficiency with the InTASC standards. The navigation bar at the top of the page will take you to the major sections of the InTASC standards, or if you only want to access the resources of this site, you can click the Resources link above for a list of all the artifacts (minus the rationales).

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Hopefully you'll find something interesting here that can be of use to you in your own classroom!


Anthony Pieper

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